CORALLINE ALGAE AND UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA: A complex of 2 seaweed extracts sealed in glycerin with a multifunctional action. Brown algae Undaria Pinnatifida has regenerating, soothing and decongesting properties while red algae, Corallina officinalis helps improve skin texture and elasticity. Glycerin works on replenishing moisture in the stratum corneum and protecting the skin.

MATRIKINE: Matrixyl ™ 3000, a peptide containing two matrikines which similarly to Natural Growth factors, acts synergistically to repair skin damage caused by aging by enhancing the production of collagen and other ECM molecules for a total skin rejuvenation.

ALOE VERA: Serves as a powerful moisturizing and soothing agent– excellent for counteracting skin aging, treating burns and inflammation– with its antibacterial and rebalancing properties.

SACCHARIDE ISOMERATE: An exclusive moisturizing magnet that ensures deep and immediate hydration to strengthen the skin’s surface and promote a harmonious interaction between the skin and its microbiome. It is a sugar specially formulated to be dermo-similar to keratin so it can bind to the skin like a magnet, creating a strong synergy with keratin. It is able to hydrate the skin continuously for up to 72 hours, nourishing, soothing, smoothening and decongesting it simultaneously.