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A unique and exclusive active ingredient:


Inside the waters of Saturnia lies the thermal plankton of Saturnia; a biogenic treasure of natural minerals and nitrogenous substances, rich in amino acids, sulfur, potassium and magnesium with extraordinary anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and regenerative properties.

This organic-mineral substance with a gelatinous consistency and variable color forms matures in the thermal water. The plankton that grows in sulfurous waters, such as the thermal spring of Terme di Saturnia, has always been widely used in the treatment of skin diseases with its therapeutic virtues known since ancient times.

Its effectiveness and tolerability have been demonstrated at the most prestigious Italian University Centers. Tests of radical-scavenging activity were carried out on this alga and its extracts and were found to be antioxidants.

Terme di Saturnia thermal resort


Innovative and effective skin care treatments

This nature's wonder coupled with cutting edge discoveries in cosmetic research and continuously updated formulations make the Terme di Saturnia product range highly efficient and a preferred line for professional treatments in spas worldwide. The line contains effective bio organic ingredients and is naturally paraben and allergen-free.